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The Same Hand

By on 12/29/2017

‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧
A US Daden Culture Publication

  At the first dharma ceremony after my return to Taiwan on November 22, 2014, a student captured two light photographs.
  In one photograph, I am holding a vajra bell facing upward. From the mouth of the bell, a beautiful beam of red light radiates. In the other photograph, I am holding a mudra with the right index finger in a vertical position. From the tip of the index finger a white circular light with a touch of red and gold is emitted. This light even has its own halo, which is quite remarkable.
  The photographs were passed around, and many people found them rare and inconceivable.
  Someone asked:
  “Are these real?”
  My reply:
  “That is my hand. It is of course real.”
  That person asked:
  “What I meant was, are the lights real?”
  My reply:
  “My hands are of course real. As for the lights, please ask the lights, okay?”
  That person was speechless.
  Let me tell everyone:
  This is the same hand I hold chopsticks with when I eat.
  This is the same hand I hold brushes with when I paint.
  This is the same hand I hold toilet paper with when I clean my butt.
  This is the same hand I stretch out to give everyone mo-ding.
  When this hand of mine emits light, it is still my hand!
  I am someone who has attained mingxin jianxing (understanding the nature of mind and recognizing the Buddha-essence), and it is not strange at all that my palms emit light.
  Around my head is a halo.
  Behind my back, a light shines.
  My palms give off light.
  Lotus lights are under my feet.
  Light emanates from every pore of my body.
  When I consecrate a Buddhist statue, the statue will emit light.
  When I hold a vajra bell, the vajra bell will definitely emit light.
  All tantrikas who attain great achievements in the Great Perfection Dharma will ultimately transform into rainbow light and ascend into space.
  In my earlier books, I often wrote about the three lights on my body:
  Buddha light.
  Spiritual light.
  White light.
  I have had the following conversation with myself –
  “When you rang the vajra bell, did you know the vajra bell radiated light?”
  My reply:
  “I did not know.”
  “When you extended your index finger, did you know the index finger was emitting light?”
  My reply:
  “I did not know.”
  “When the student took those pictures, did you know?”
  My reply:
  “I did not know.”
  “If you did not know any of those, what do you know?”
  My reply:
  “I know of not knowing.”
  “What is the esoteric meaning of this?”
  My reply:
  “Ziran (at ease, natural and free from affectation).”
  I added:
  “Whatever task I am undertaking my mind is very focused.”
  “Does the emitting of light have any esoteric meaning?”
  My reply:
  “The esoteric meaning of emitting light!”

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