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Book 51 Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra : Clear Light Yoga of Mahamudra

By on 10/06/2017

Book 51 Eng 無上密與大手印‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧
   I have been secretly reciting a mantra called “Dharani of the Great Protectress who is Universally Radiant, Pure, and Incandescent, and the Invincible King of Mantras.” Most people simply call it “Dharani of Mahapratisara.” Mahapratisara is the bodhisattva’s Sanskrit name and she is also known as the Great Wish-Granting Bodhisattva, who is stationed in the Lotus Division of the Womb Mandala.
   Mahapratisara Bodhisattva is rich yellow in color. She has eight arms. Her uppermost left hand holds a lotus with a flaming golden wheel on top. The subsequent left hands [from top to bottom] hold a stack of palm-leaf scriptures, a dharma banner, and a noose. Her uppermost right hand holds a five-pronged vajra, followed by hands holding a trident, a sword, and finally a battle axe.
   How did she earn the name of Great Wish-Granting Bodhisattva? This bodhisattva is known to grant the wishes of sentient beings as long as they enshrine her statue, chant her epithet, and recite her mantra. By practicing in this way, all wishes will be fulfilled. Another name for this bodhisattva is Maha-Vidyaraja [Great Lord of Lights], which describes the great luminosity that emanates from her body.
   This bodhisattva once taught me a secret that all lights are differentiated by varying degrees. This corresponds with what I have said in the past:
   The Tathagata Amoghasiddhi radiates magnificent green light born from absolute purity, while the realm of asuras emits a dark, greenish, and ghostly light. There is a world of difference between the two.
   The Tathagata Amitabha radiates magnificent red lights born from absolute purity, while the ghosts in the hungry ghosts realm emit weak rays of red light. There is a world of difference between the two.
   The Tathagata Ratnasambhava radiates magnificent yellow lights born from wonderful and pure wisdom, while the ghosts in the hu- man realm emit weak yellow and bluish lights. There is a world of difference between the two.
   The Tathagata Aksobhya radiates magnificent white lights born from the great mirror-like wisdom, while the ghosts in the hell realm emit hazy and foggy white lights. There is a world of difference between the two.
   “Differentiate the lights with your heart. When this kind of light shines on you and gives you a wonderful sense of comfort and lightness, then this is the buddhas’ light. However, when the light is unclear and messy, causing discomfort and disturbance, then you should know that this light comes from the ghostly beings. Moreover, the buddhas’ light always shines like a jewel with a luminous flame, that also has the brilliance of a real diamond. The light of the ghostly beings tends to be weak, tempting, and entangling, just like a fake diamond. One must discern these lights carefully to avoid entering into the wrong light and stepping into the wrong spiritual realm.”
   According to Mahapratisara Bodhisattva’s guidance, when one enters the deepest level of meditative absorption, beams of lights will emerge. These lights are the result of the union of absorption and wisdom. The brilliance of the wisdom lights will grow progressively brighter and eventually the lights will illuminate away all ignorance.
   Once ignorance is gone, there will be no more hindrances.
(to be continued)

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