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The Supremely Enlightened One 無上的覺悟者

By on 09/22/2012

(Grand Master Lu’s Book 200 -“Pages of Enlightenment”)
True Buddha Translation Teams (TBTTs)
  I can say that I don’t need to learn anymore! I can also say that I don’t need to cultivate anymore! This is because I am someone who is supremely enlightened.
  Anyone who hears this declaration would certainly respond that this person is insane, arrogant, and shameless! “Is this person crazy? How can this person reach the state of the Buddha? He must be a big fraud, a great charlatan, this Sheng-yen Lu! A great conman, this Sheng-yen Lu! The greatest fraud, this Sheng-yen Lu!” The people of this world will forever criticize me, even after I die, saying that the world only has one Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha. There isn’t a second Buddha, Sheng-yen Lu.
  I will earnestly tell everyone: Fahua Xuanzan [A commentary on the Lotus Sutra] states, “The Three Higher Trainings are discipline, meditation, and wisdom. Diligently cultivating these trainings is called ‘have learned’ [saiksa]. Once these trainings are perfected, the cultivation may cease. This is called ‘non-learning’ [asaiksa].”
  The Fahua Jiaxiangshu [another commentary on the Lotus Sutra] states, “If one studies with wholehearted devotion to find the supreme truth and practices with vigor and perseverance, then it is called ‘learning.’  If the heart seeking for the truth is fulfilled and there is no  need to progress further, it is called ‘non-learning.'”
  The Path of Non-learning is one of the three paths. It is the path which severs the confusion of the Three Realms, realizes and experiences the supreme truth, attains perfect wisdom and exhausts all needs for additional learning. Non-learning really does exist.
  I also want to point out that the Kagyu School’s Mahamudra stages are:
  1.  One-pointedness Yoga
  2.  Simplicity Yoga
  3.  One-taste Yoga
  4.  Non-meditation Yoga
  Non-cultivation [which refers to non-meditation yoga] does exist.
  I will let everyone take a look at my enlightenment! My essence is the bliss of nirvana. Pay attention, everyone. Nirvana is non-learning; nirvana is non-cultivation; nirvana is meditation; nirvana is always there; nirvana is making no distinction.
  Pay attention, everyone:  My physical manifestation is reincarnation. Reincarnation is the Buddha; reincarnation is the world’s savior; reincarnation is exiting meditation; reincarnation is one with supreme enlightenment; and reincarnation is non-differentiation.
  My validation of enlightenment is: nirvana and reincarnation is one-and-the-same, reincarnation and nirvana is one-and-the-same. Nirvana is reincarnation. Reincarnation is nirvana.
  That was why I said, “Non-learning is also learning. Non-cultivation is also cultivation. This is called the learning of non-learning, the cultivation of non-cultivation. I have given a very detailed explanation and everyone should reflect on it. If you still don’t understand, I should hit you with a stick. You might as well stay confused forever! You’re killing me!

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