Preface: Profoundly Sublime, Profoundly Sublime, the Most Profoundly Sublime 奧妙奧妙最深的奧妙

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(Grand Master Lu’s Book 200 -“Pages of Enlightenment”)
True Buddha Translation Teams (TBTTs)
  While enlightenment is a general and often used term, enlightened beings are uncommon and rare. Hence, I have called the preface of this book “Profoundly Sublime, Profoundly Sublime, the Most Profoundly Sublime.” Despite being a familiar term, enlightenment is not a state many people reach. Although I described enlightenment as a “state,” it doesn’t have any state in actuality. The word “state” is only symbolic.
  One of the disparaging comments frequently made against me is, “Claiming realization and attainment without achieving either,” which is to say that Sheng-yen Lu hasn’t achieved enlightenment or Living Buddha Lian-sheng hasn’t attained realization. I don’t need to defend myself because I understand that enlightenment is profoundly difficult to comprehend. In fact, nobody can understand or decipher my Pages of Enlightenment. Some people may have practiced with incredible dedication for a long time, overcame great hardships, and read through all of the scriptures. Yet, it is still extremely difficult for them to get even a glimpse of my realization.
  So, am I saying that I, Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Sheng-yen Lu, am the greatest person in this world? Am I saying that I am truly successful in life? Am I saying that I am the only person who is enlightened on this Earth? Am I saying that no other person in this world has achieved enlightenment? Is that right? To be honest, there are only three types of people who call themselves enlightened: Crazies, the truly enlightened, and con-artists. I am neither crazy nor am I a con-artist. I am truly enlightened. All the enlightened ones are the greatest people in the world, the true gurus of life. I am not the only person who has achieved enlightenment on this Earth. But, I see very few genuinely enlightened ones in this world. They are only a handful in number.
  World-renown masters are not necessarily enlightened!
  Masters with great numbers of students are not necessarily enlightened!
  Zen masters who have established the largest temples and monasteries are not necessarily enlightened!
  The foremost experts on the scriptures are not necessarily enlightened!
  Great masters of the Yogacara School are not necessarily enlightened!
  Elders of the Madhyamaka School are not necessarily enlightened!
  The greatest living buddhas of the world are not necessarily enlightened!
  The most famous vajra masters of the world are not necessarily enlightened!
  The great dharma kings of Vajrayana are not necessarily enlightened!
  Practitioners all over the world will mercilessly disparage me for writing the above comments, saying Sheng-yen Lu is such a trouble-maker! Sheng-yen Lu is such a bastard! Sheng-yen Lu is an evil heathen! Sheng-yen Lu is a phony, fraudulent, bogus, and fake living buddha! Am I the real deal or a fraud? Please read this book! Have I really attained enlightenment or is my enlightenment fake? Please read this book! If you would like to get a glimpse at the most profoundly sublime, please see who I really am! Please read this book! This book is guaranteed to be astonishing.

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