Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon:The Tree and the Vine

By on 09/15/2017
Eng Book 238

by Sheng-yen Lu

  I said:
  “I am a tree.”
  You said:
  “I am a vine.”
  So the vine twists around the tree tightly and they are never apart. So it has been like this for hundreds of years….
  Including past lives, this life, and future lives.
  After a long, long, long time and passing through many spaces, the tree and the vine could hear each other’s heartbeats and could feel each other’s temperatures.
  They realize they have entangled to become one family. They could not be separated. Even if the tree died or the vine died, their “true love” would still be attached.
  Loving your love.
  Sad about your sadness.
  How does one express “true love”? In truth, does it really need to be expressed? No need to express is expressing.
  The hearts are attached!
  The bodies are attached!
  Even the souls are attached!
  It is not necessary to open the arms to welcome each other, because their hands are always held.
  When it rains, they both suck up the sweetness.
  When the wind blows, they hold on to each other.
  When it thunders, their roots are still intertwined under the ground.
  After being struck by lightning, life still grows as green moss.
  We have not been able to tell the difference between rain and tears, or in happiness or sadness.
  We only want to keep each other company, and this is:
  “Timeless love!”
  Xuan Jue’s poem:
   Walk as in Zen, sit as in Zen,
   No words, quiet movements, put the body at ease.
   Self-controlled under a sharp knife,
   Calmly confronting an abundance of poisonous deceptions.
   My master met Dipankara Buddha,
   During the many life cycles, as a sage of forbearance.
  I like:
  Not afraid of sharp knife!
  Not afraid of being poisoned!
  Because of you, I am not afraid of anything. Because of you, nothing can be scary. Anyway, walk as in Zen. Sit as in Zen.
  We are stronger than the strong!
  We are indestructible!
  We are the brightest!
  I will write a poem for you:
   Setting moon will not leave the sky
   Just like the hearts of the tree and vine
   You care for me and I care for you
   Care here
   Care there
   Such an affinity
   Frequently meeting in dreams
   This is also a wish
   Wishing forever
   Wishing far
   Envious by all

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