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Book 51 Eng 無上密與大手印
Guru’s Talks 焦點

Book 51 Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra: Clear Light Yoga of Mahamudra

‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧

(continued from pg A7 , TBN issue # 1182)
Here’s a verse:
The clear and perfect illuminating light is inherent in space.
Between two thoughts the true teaching is found.
With the transmission from the vajra guru,
One merges with the most supreme light.
In the Mahamudra of Meditative Absorption, one who attains the Clear Light Yoga such as the Holy Red Crown Vajra Guru, Sheng-yen Lu, Venerable Lian-sheng, will know that the guru can pierce through all illusory realms and illusory forms with one glance. The authentic buddhas’ lights have manifested from my realization. Illusory lights can no longer delude and ensnarl me. The realized one has long attained the joy of liberation, which is true happiness.
The realized individual is thus endowed with pure light; his every act is an expression of a genuine heart that leaves no room for hesitation. He finds all roads to be unhindered and clear. I know that anyone who reaches this spiritual state has arrived at the highest realm of the Mahamudra of Meditative Absorption, which is the ground of Buddhahood. One’s body, speech and mind are purified, and all sid- dhis arising from the fruition of Buddhahood manifest in pure form. This achievement is indeed remarkable.
In principle, either one is active or still, there will be no hindrances. One is free to live among men or live in seclusion until reaching nir- vana. Every gesture and action of the realized individual is most dig- nified, and he is endowed with the greatest of blessings and merits in heaven and on earth. This is the unmatched accomplishment brought about through the Mahamudra of Clear Light.
In the realm of attainment, there exists a very unique truth that I would like to reveal here: “The realm of suchness cannot be experienced through contemplation or observation. It also cannot be described in words. Because the arising and ceasing mind does not exist, no words could possibly provide a complete description of suchness. Righteousness and evil also do not exist. To regard something as be- ing “right” is only the product of the arising and ceasing mind. It cannot be placed in the realm of suchness. This realm of suchness is transcendental. It is beyond explanation and no mortal being can understand it.”
It was only after I attained accomplishment with the practice of the Clear Light Yoga that I was able to appreciate what Milarepa had said. Guru Milarepa once told me that any Vajrayana practitioner who gains inner attainment by meditative absorption and whose effort fo- cuses on self-cultivation, will be considered as one who has attained the Buddha-dharma and gained realization.
Anyone whose cultivation does not turn inwardly towards the attainment of meditative absorption, and seeks outer verification instead, is seen as practicing a heretical form of meditative absorption.
Thus, I recognized the following truths:
The “true path” is to seek enlightenment by turning inwardly.
The “heretic path” is to look for enlightenment in the outside world.
Many Buddhist masters, monks, and nuns love to accuse other religions as being heretical. Yet, the difference between the “true path” and “heretic path” is not determined by the religious teachings, but by the separation of “inward focus” and “outward focus.” This was my discovery upon gaining realization, and it was indeed the most compelling discovery.
(The End)




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