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Guru’s Talks 焦點

Book 246 Chatting with Oneself: I Am a Surgeon

‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧
A US Daden Culture Publication

  Time: December 12, 2014, evening.
  Place: The Sun Moon Lake Restaurant in Taichung.
  People: Indonesian students.
  An Indonesian female student in the group paints Buddhist thangkas including those of Vajravarahi, Vajrayogini, and Vajrasattva. Her works are remarkably fine and true to life.
  She gave a Vajravarahi thangka to Master Lianhong of Surabaya.
  She gave a Vajrayogini thangka to me.
  I was very happy.
  Her English name is Elizabeth.
  She gave this account:
  She was diagnosed with a three centimeter cancerous tumor in her brain. The doctors wanted to surgically excise it.
  She flew to Seattle to seek blessings from me and I told her that I would give her a dream guidance.
  She then had a dream where she saw Grand Master Lu wearing scrubs and using a surgical knife to operate on her.
  When she returned home and went to the hospital for another examination – what a shock! The cancerous tumor was nowhere to be found.
  “The doctors said it was impossible! But it had indeed disappeared!”
  “The doctors said this was just too inconceivable!” She was very happy.
  I chatted with myself: “Are you a surgeon?” “No.”
  “Can you perform operations on others?”
  “I cannot.”
  “The surgery that you performed in this woman’s dream, what is it all about?”
  “It was a dream.”
  “If it were just a dream, how did the tumor disappear?”
  “It was serendipity!”
  “Some dreams coincide with reality while others do not. What is this all about?”
  “It is still fate and affinity.”
  “In dreams you become a surgeon. When those with cancerous tumors beseech you for help and you operate on them, they are healed. Wouldn’t everyone come to you for help?”
  “Will everyone who beseeches you be healed?”
  “Not necessarily.”
  “Some will get well while some will not. Isn’t this favoritism?”
  I replied:
  “It really depends on fate and affinity!”
  “Give us an example!”
  I replied:
  “As an example, my hand can lift an object up to twenty kilograms. If something is within this range, I can cure it. When it weighs more than twenty kilograms, I cannot.”
  “Isn’t it true that the powers of buddhas are unlimited?”
  “The powers of buddhas are unlimited, but Buddhists have limits.”
  “Aren’t you a buddha who has understood the nature of mind and recognized the Buddha-essence?”
  “Yes. But my students have limits!”
  “Is this affinity?”
  “Faith is also a factor!”
  “Many miracles have happened through you. Do you think you are very powerful?”
  I replied:
  “I still cannot cure my own cough!”
  “What is the matter?”
  “When sentient beings are ill, I am ill.”






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