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Homage to the Lineage Holders of Mahamudra(中) 頂禮禪定大手印歷代祖師

By on 05/03/2013

(Grand Master Lu’s Book 51 -“Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra”)
True Buddha Translation Teams (TBTTs)

(continued from p11, issue 947)
  Now that we are in the degenerative stage of Buddha-dharma, the sublime teachings of the Three Secrets are openly propagated and revealed. Vajrayana is blossoming and the traditions of Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese Esoteric Buddhism are becoming mainstream again. These forms are certainly not as rigid and strict as they used to be.
  I received the heart essence of Mahamudra and I possessed the two authority seals. I also obtained the great secretive, perfect empowerments from the four Tantric schools of Nyingma, Gelug, Kagyu, and Sakya. As the contemporary spiritual holder of the Vajrayana Buddhism, I have been validated by gaining yogic union and have obtained the blessings of the lineage holders. I am entrusted with the responsibility of writing this book on the Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra, and I will provide the pith instructions in detail without hiding or holding anything back. In this way, everyone may know these teachings and receive the benefits from them. With this book, I hope to plant the seeds of Vajrayana so that all sentient beings may be born into a family that practices Vajrayana Buddhism, whether in the present or future lifetimes.
  These vital points of Mahamudra were developed by the Kagyu order, commonly known as the White Sect in Chinese Buddhist circles. Before the time of Milarepa, the lay adepts who attained buddhahood wore white clothing. Hence, they were called the White Sect. According to my knowledge, however, there is another meaning to this name. It signifies the transformation of black karma into white karma, which leads to buddhahood. This is one of the major meanings of the White Sect.
  Some Tantric masters have asked me, “Master Sheng-yen Lu, who exactly are you?”
(to be continued)

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