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Direct Revelation 直接的剖露

By on 09/07/2012

(Grand Master Lu’s Book 200 -“Pages of Enlightenment”)
True Buddha Translation Teams (TBTTs)
  There is an arrogant man who has led his out-spoken followers into disparaging various aspects of dharma teachings and criticizing past and present-day teachers. Being the author of several books, he regards himself as truly enlightened. Based on my observations, he has not necessarily achieved realization!
  I also read the book, Immediate Enlightenment by Supreme Master Ching Hai. It made me laugh! I read the book out of curiosity, wondering how there could be a book on “immediate enlightenment.” I feel that Supreme Master Ching Hai’s thinking is very progressive. However, has she achieved enlightenment? I reserve my opinion. Ha! I am not answering that question.
  What cannot be denied is that Shakyamuni Buddha (the World Honored One) attained genuine perfect enlightenment. The Buddhist scriptures are divided into two classes of conventional truth (partial revelation of truth) and absolute truth (total revelation of ultimate reality). There are so many Buddhist scriptures in the Tripitaka [the Buddhist Canon] that if you try to read them all you will have grown a long beard by the time you finish. But, those are only the scriptures revealed to humanity. There are even more scriptures hidden in the palaces of the nagas that have never been seen by the people of this world.
  Why am I certain that the World Honored One, Lord Buddha, achieved true perfect enlightenment? I am certain because of the Buddha’s three key statements:
   1.   Inexpressible.
   2.   Never spoke a word.
  3.  There is no Dharma to teach, and I have never taught any Dharma.
  Hence, it is affirmative that Shakyamuni Buddha is genuinely enlightened.
  After reading the passages above, many Buddhists might exclaim: “Who does Sheng-yen Lu think he is? He is truly outlandish and has disrespected the Buddha. How dare anyone judge whether or not Lord Buddha himself is enlightened or not? This Sheng-yen Lu person really should go to hell!”
  I politely request all Buddhists to calm down and not to be in such a rush to disparage me. Who am I really? I had coffee with the World Honored One, and we travelled on trips together. I have the greatest respect for the World Honored One and nobody needs to doubt that. What the World Honored One taught is not something that can be thoroughly understood by cursory examination. Some of the teachings are so profound that you have no idea what the World Honored One meant or really said. Yet, if you use your wisdom eye, then you will slowly understand the true meaning of his teachings.
  Think it over:
  1.  Inexpressible.
  2.  Never spoke a word.
    3.  There is no Dharma to teach, and I have never taught any Dharma.
  Enlightenment, what is it? It is concealed in these three statements. You should carefully contemplate them. I am willing to help you to achieve enlightenment. Have you figured it out? If you haven’t figured it out, please continue reading. I will certainly reveal “it.”
  No matter if it is alive,
  No matter if it is dead,
  Everything is part of this boundless unity.
  Differentiation is not yet enlightened.
  Non-differentiation is great enlightenment.

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