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Building Permit 001

By on 12/16/2016

(Book 223 Stories of Supreme Spiritual Responses《無上殊勝的感應》「001號的建築執照」)

‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧
Translated by Janny Chow
A US Daden Culture Publication
(continued from pg A7 , TBN issue # 1138)
  The County Government is in charge of the overall project.
  When any one of these three departments dissents, no building permit or occupancy permit will be issued.
  As luck would have it, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, by some miraculous coincidence, sent us three benefactors –
  Zhang Litang
  Xu Deqi
  Wu Dunyi
  These three benefactors turned out to be two department heads and one county magistrate. Thus our application for a permit to build a temple was approved.
  As if jolted by a bolt from the sky, the eminent monk was startled!
  All his temples had been built as farmhouses and later repurposed, some through muddled means. Many of these temples consisted of illegal buildings, and some were even built on public government land.
  While the eminent monk believed it was impossible to build a temple through legal means, the building permit was actually issued directly to us. This came as such a surprise that elders of many temples all exclaimed it as remarkable.
  I personally feel that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have great miraculous powers and are able to transform the impossible into the possible. Our temple’s building permit is 001 and is the only one in existence.
  When I made my first return trip to Taiwan, on that exact day, the building permit was issued.
  When I made my second return trip to Taiwan, on that exact day, the occupancy permit was issued.
  What a coincidence?
  It is indeed a great coincidence. You cannot deny it!
  In the life of Grand Master Lu, there have been many inconceivable coincidences.  Take the Rainbow Temple in Washington state as another example. The land it sits upon was suddenly converted to religious land use. We had not even submitted a request for the change over! Wouldn’t you say this was rather strange?
(The Ene)

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