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Book 51 Eng 無上密與大手印
Guru’s Talks 焦點

Book 51 Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra: Consciousness Transference Yoga of Mahamudra

‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧

The Chinese word “li” means to depart, and “she” refers to the physical body. [Consciousness Transference Yoga is called the practice of Lishe in Chinese.] Basically, Lishe refers to the moment when the soul [or consciousness] leaves the physical body. When those who are not involved in any form of cultivation die, they will be led and received by deceased spirits, such as their ancestors’ spirits. In such cases, they will end up in the lower spiritual planes.
Some people who have performed virtuous acts will see the gods appearing to receive them, and they will ascend to the heavenly worlds.
Upon death, those who follow the Pure Land School and singlemindedly recite the Buddha’s name will experience the Three Sages of the West appearing before them. This indicates that they will gain rebirth in the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss, where Amitabha Buddha will appear to receive them.
The four enlightened stages, six mundane worlds, and ten dharma realms embody layers upon layers of truth, which cannot be explained fully in one book. I was almost brought to tears when I was writing the Consciousness Transference Yoga, due to a vision that I had experienced during meditation. Once while meditating in the attic, I saw that only a small number of sentient beings in the universe could ascend to the heavenly realms upon death, and far fewer of them could make it to the Western Paradise. Those who know and practice the Consciousness Transference Yoga are quite rare.
The saha world is evidently filled with many people who do not cultivate. Yet among those who do, many have gone astray, falling into the wrong paths. They have been fooled by spiritual con artists. There are indeed many pseudo dharma masters, fathers, priests, psychic mediums, magicians, masters, and gurus. These individuals appear to be practicing virtuous deeds, but these acts are only disguises. These individuals profit from the donations of the kind-hearted by embezzling more than the amount used for printing meritorious books and performing good deeds.
Among those who end up in the lower spiritual realms and even in hell include these dharma masters, fathers, priests, mediums, magicians, masters, and gurus. Those who do not know any dharma, yet claim to be dharma masters, suffer a greater retribution than the others. When I observed this situation through my meditation, it naturally brought me to tears. I have great pity for sentient beings who do not hear and learn the dharma, and do not know how to cultivate. Therefore I began writing about the simpler methods, and then advanced progressively to this highest teaching of Mahamudra.
I tolerated the slanders that have been aimed at me by these dharma masters, fathers, priests, mediums, magicians, masters, and gurus. I have endured accusations from people, ignoring the vicious verbal attacks from hypocrites. What have I endured all of this for? It is be- cause I need to transfer these special teachings to those who have the right affinity. In this world, only a handful of people know about the Consciousness Transference Yoga, and only few of them would exert continuous effort to spread the supreme Vajrayana teaching. Thus, this act is an expression of great compassion, great guidance, and great sympathy.
(to be continued)




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