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Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon:The Multicolored Lake

By on 09/01/2017
Eng Book 238

by Sheng-yen Lu

  While in Japan, I have gone to see a lake. We went up and down the mountains and saw this lake which was indeed multicolored and very beautiful.
  While traveling through Canada, on the way from Vancouver to Calgary, we also saw a lake surrounded by mountains. We were awestruck!
  The lake is like an emerald embedded in the ground.
  The lake sparkles like the starry sky.
  The lake is as peaceful as a virgin.
  The lake reflects multi-colors.
  One look makes one feel that this is a rare sight in one’s lifetime. It’s as if seeing this lake makes one’s life worthwhile.
  I have thought before:
  What is the true color of lake water? Is it white? Is it green? Is it red? Is it blue? Is it yellow? Is it….?
  Or is it a mix of colors?
  According to Vajrayana Buddhism—
  Green is water.
  Red is fire.
  Yellow is earth.
  White is wind.
  Blue is space.
  In relation to our body, water is the fluids, fire is the temperature, earth is the muscles and bones, wind is the breaths, and space is ideas. Is it to say, our body can also emit multicolored lights?
  Yes, we can.
  Our cultivation of the “Great Perfection” transforms our body into the “rainbow body” which is also multicolored.
  I wish to ask you:
  What color is my “love”?
  What color is your “love”?
  What color would it be if they were mixed?
  Xuan Jue’s poem:
   Let go of the four elements,
   Live freely in quiescence.
   Awareness of impermanence thus all is empty,
   Is Buddha’s perfect enlightenment.
   People don’t recognize the mani pearl,
   Obtained only in Buddha-nature.
   Six clairvoyance, is both empty and not empty,
   A sphere of light, is both colored and not colored.
  What color is Buddha-nature? Is it colored or not colored?
  What color is sentiment? Is it empty or not empty?
  When I saw the multicolored lake, I felt warmth, peace, and profoundness.
  My supplication:
  “May there be warmth, peace, and profoundness.”
  I present to you a poem:
   I don’t want to miss any beautiful scenery
   Because it is one of the pleasures of life
   It is not due to desire of beauty
   But to admire the creation of its multi-colors
   Sentiments can never be wrong
   They are
   Vows of you and me
   Don’t slight
   Don’t change
   Don’t ignore
   What I want is peace
   What you want is warm gentleness
   This kind of profoundness
   Is a non-solitary solitude

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