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Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon: The Super Beauty of Gentleness

By on 07/21/2017
Eng Book 238

by Sheng-yen Lu

  Gai Gai!
  Lots of people who have seen you, said: “Your beauty is superlative!”
  Your eyebrows curve like the crescent moon.
  Your expressive eyes are blue like the deep ocean.
  Your nose is like a mountain so straight and tall.
  Your lips slightly curve upwards like water caltrop.
  The combination makes you: “Super Beautiful!”
  The Sixth Dalai Lama had a love song like this:
  Seeing you in the daylight is super beautiful,
  By night, your alluring fragrance is intoxicating.
  My life long partner is more beautiful than the lu-ding flower.
  Poem of Tsongkhapa:
  Beautiful lotus flower face with pitch black eyes,
  Dark blue braids tied above the head radiating silver rays,
  Goddess Saraswati of charming disposition,
  Once again answer my prayer for exquisite eloquence.
  That’s it!
  GaiGai! Your hair is like a waterfall, splashing water droplets, while spreading a perfume of freshness.
  When your eyes are closed, you are gentle.
  When your eyes are open, I am mesmerized.
  When our eyes meet, all worries are thus forgotten.
  At this moment, everything becomes gentle. My heart gets softened. Your heart too is soft. It is an indescribable feeling, very soothing, as if the radiance of a bodhisattva washing away worldly affairs. Clear and unaffected, light radiates softly, delicately radiating….radiating….
  It is always like this when we are together!
  If we are not together, then I would speak to the moon, wishing the moon would tell me: “You are on the other side, talking to me as well!”
  Even though I am Grand Master Lu, you know my heart is really very soft and gentle.
  I remember Qi Ji’s poem:
  Master born in Tusita, where white lotuses fill a big pond
  Stalwartly standing under the moon in an autumn breeze
  Or under the bright sun in front of the pavilion
  Its fragrance unlike the igniting perfume of the lily
  But fragrances disappear after the flowers bloom
  Who knows not to be affected, the heart is still good
  This heart is still good, is really what I want to tell you. My heart is really good.
  You are Super Beautiful!
  I am gently soft!
  Your super beauty is enchanting
  You set the hearts on fire of those who have seen you
  If you happen to be smiling, then it is really remarkable
  In the hundreds of manners of numerous tenderness
  I want you to clearly understand
  My heart really flutters
  I often talk to the moon
  Not noticing little droplets of rain

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