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Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon: Obscure Complications

By on 08/25/2017
Eng Book 238

by Sheng-yen Lu

  One cloudy night, the moon did not appear. The clouds had colors of inky black, dark gray, dusty gray, light black and pale white just like the multi-shades created by the black brush paint.
  Anyone that learns to paint knows the “black brush paint can create up to five different tones!”
  Now, I finally realize:
  Emotional affairs can be complicated due to obscure feelings. Feelings like tastes could be sweet, sour, bitter, spicy hot, or salty. If you savor these tastes slowly, Wow! Some of them could really be hard to get used to!
  All are included.
  Some say that emotions cannot tolerate one grain of sand. They also say that the eyes, to be clear and bright, will not tolerate one speck of dust.
  I hope very much:
  Our emotions would be carefully cleansed every day.
  Our journey would be smooth without a hitch.
  Our personality would be sunny and gentle.
  Our fervor would maintain optimal.
  Our affairs would not be disrupted by any third party.
  I believe we could amicably manage these worries, which are unworthy of our consideration. Most importantly, we must trust each other. Right?
  Xuan Jue’s poem:
   An attained cultivator has no quest for knowledge or cause
   No need to rid desires or seek the truth
   Ignorance and true nature are both Buddha-nature
   Imagery of empty body is Dharmakaya
   Dharmakaya realizes emptiness
   Return to the origin is the genuine Buddha-Nature
   Five aggregates come and go like the empty clouds
   Three poisons blisters must be popped
   Avici karma vanishes
   When true reality of non-duality is validated
   Thus realizing there is no dharma
   Any falsification to delude sentient beings
   Causes one to land in the Tongue Pulling Hell for unlimited
  I feel this poem conveys: “Lying is the worst.”
  It is not “real.” If it is “real,” it would definitely get rid of the “five aggregates” and eradicate the “three poisons.”
  Concerning emotions, the scariest is “deceit” and the worst is to “cheat.”
  The emotional bubble will burst even with the slightest touch!
  Human emotions are as such and can result “resentments.”
  I am a cultivator so I know:
  The dream clearly has six realms.
  Awakened is boundless emptiness.
  Let’s “cherish” this! For this is my “genuineness”!
  A poem for you:
   Concerning emotions
   Mustn’t be fanatical
   Because wildly fanatical
   Can sometimes make matters worse
   Need to care attentively
   For the future road still has far to go
   Not too rushed
   Not too slow
   Not to hit the rocks
   I have always been very careful
   Along the way
   Not to give it time
   To idly vanish

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