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Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon: I Have Never Owned a Camera

By on 06/16/2017

Book Cover of Master Lu's Book 238: Intimate Talk with the Moonby Sheng-yen Lu
  I am a computer illiterate. Unlike most people, I don’t own a cell phone or camera (which is still worth paying some attention to).
  A lot of people take pictures of me, either with a camera or
  with their cell phone. As a result, there are innumerable pictures of me.
  But, I don’t own a camera.
  My heart is my camera.
  Your mood, image, backside, smile, spirit…,
  all kept in my heart. All imprinted in my heart.
  In the moon, has your lovely image.
  In the moon, has your delicate smile.
  In the moon, has your brows, eyes, nose, and lips.
  In the moon, has your slender body.
  I say:
  “You are in the moon!”
  You say:
  “How come I can’t see?”
  I say:
  “Ha! You are in the moon that is in my heart.”
  Most people’s cameras only take pictures of outside images.  Even selfies are still just superficial images. Only you and I take pictures of heart to heart.
  I say:
  “There are times, when the only reason is to be with someone forever.”
  Relating to such things—
  Can be only told to the moon, because they are secrets. These conversations are most sincere because they are the heart to heart talks and cannot be revealed to a third person.
  My  heart’s  diligent dedication is only for you and me now.  Although Buddha’s teaching is to have a selfless mind, which I have accomplished, so now my mind is on you. Ha ha, your splendid voice turns to heavenly music, resonant in the air.
  Let me write you a poem:
   Tathagata wisdom is superlative.
   Gratitude for parents is deepest.
   If inquiring into the bottom of my heart,
   It is truest to you.
  Our rendezvous is worth celebrating for it is the most wonderful, most beautiful time! It is so smooth and natural that no arrangement or preparations are necessary, nor is it rehearsed or pretentious.
  Occasionally, there are times of “sufferings of separation.”
  But, I know you are at a far distant place. I know you are there and wish for your return, and you wish the same. Returning is the desire of our hearts!
  Let me write a modern poem for you:
   Sometimes I like a sunny sky
   Because that night the moon will be exceptionally bright
   Your image
   My shadow
   Your bright face
   Kept me sleepless
   Unable to tell whether if it was you or the moon
   Like this, we are so connected

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