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Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon: Grass Is Most Resilient

By on 07/14/2017
Eng Book 238

by Sheng-yen Lu

  As I was admiring the moon, sometimes I would step onto the lawn. The chilly night air of Seattle would penetrate my lama dress hugging my legs, and the dew on the grass would wet my feet.
  Someone said:
  “Don’t step on the grass!”
  I asked:
  He answered:
  “Because the grass will die if you step on it!”
  I said:
  “It will not die. It is most resilient. The grass is brown now but it will turn green again. From green to brown, and from brown to green, how amazingly fast it will turn to a lush green lawn.”
  I admire the little grass because flowers will wilt, and trees will fall or break, however only the little grass will be forever there.
  Poem by Liang Jie:
  Hilariously funny, hilariously funny,
  Dharma talk of the non-sentient so amazing.
  If talk could not be heard,
  Then use the eyes to recognize the talk.
  I say:
  “The little grass is dharma talk of the non-sentient. It is saying, my love for you will never die. Amazing!”
  In this life, of course we have many hindrances. They could be from society, from family, from other people, your friends, or my disciples.
  They are like black clouds. Layers and layers covering the moon.
  But I realize, the moon is still there.
  There will be one day, the black layers will rip open.
  And find the moon never left.
  Hui Neng’s poem:
  Not a single dharma doctrine can be seen
  Just like the floating clouds covering the sun’s face
  Don’t know what the dharma of emptiness holds
  ‘Til a flash of light comes from space
  Thus creates a peak of excitement
  How conveniently a mistake gets resolved
  You know for yourself whether it is or not
  For you can always see your inner spiritual light
  This is Hui Neng’s poem. Can you understand?
  The dharma of mindlessness is to have dharma knowledge without being captivated by it.
  With the mind same as the Pure Land, can “floating clouds covering the sun” harm us?
  If only you live for me and I live for you, then we are both as little grasses, that can’t be trampled to death.
  Present you a poem:
  I stand on the little grass with my head up towards the moon
  I realize our encounter was not easy
  Little grass has cyclic sequence
  Elegant moon has cyclic sequence
  We can always depend on each other
  After suffering from separation
  Our encounter would be even more amazing
  I will always stand foolishly waiting for
  Encounter and separation
  Separation and encounter
  Once again send off the elegant moon

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