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Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon: Converse with the Moon

By on 06/02/2017

by Sheng-yen Lu

Book Cover of Mater Lu's Book 238: Intimate Talk with the Moon  Is it true that Grand Master Lu speaks to the moon
Then are you insane
No wonder people say that you are crazy!
I say, in this world, a lot of people have been conversing with the moon.
I will give you some examples
The poem of Zi Zhun
Water is the clearest and the moon is the roundest,
Moonlight contains water and the water contains the sky.
Include or mix such as the powerful epoch sound,
Such a sound is both direct and circuitous.
I say
Zi Zhun’s poem mentions that the powerful epoch sound is the sound of Bhisma-garjitasvara-raja Buddha (Powerful Epoch Sound Buddha). Buddha facing the moon to confer when to be direct and when to be circuitous.
Hui Yong’s poem
Waterfall flew from the top of the mountain
The temple in the wilderness had few lit candles
Sitting in front of the exquisite moon
It doesn’t take long, for an icy heart
I say
Hui Yong’s poem has the moon in his heart. The moon is cool and clear as the ice. The ice is the result of conversing with the moon.
Zheng Jue’s poem
A tree fell on an empty, frost covered mountainside
Like a stroke of the bell in the night from the temple tower
Follow the wind to the top of the forest
To hail the moon to come to the window
The response echoed throughout the valley
The flying sound could not hinder the river current
Heaven’s decree revealed in a dream
Butterfly lovers soon to lose its partner
(to be continued)

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