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Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon: Converse with the Moon

By on 06/09/2017
Eng Book 238

by Sheng-yen Lu

(continued from pg A7 , TBN issue # 1163)
  Zheng Jue’s poem, to strike the bell in order to call the moon to the window is talking to the moon.
  A poem by Ci Yun
  The sound of the flute moved the moon in the pond
  Reeds thrived vigorously around the pond
  The light of the lonely small temple gave it warm brilliance
  Dharma heart in the dream tends to be clearer
  I say
  This person is clever. Play the flute for the moon.
  A poem by Shi Xing
  Cool air blows the white hair
  Stanza of poem becomes clearer
  Just as the meaning sending deepest love
  Zen’s heart to the bright moon
  I say
  Why not say, a heart-to-heart talk with the bright moon
  A poem by Shi Xiu
  Tonight we look at this moon, as the ancients look at this moon
  What was in the ancients’ heart is hard to explain to the people
  of tonight
  I say
  Talk to the moon! Why talk to the people!
  Li Bai’s poem
  Moonlight in front of the bed
  Thought might be frost on the ground
  Raised the head to gaze at the moon
  Lower the head with thoughts of home
  I say
  Li Bai was a poet that talked to the moon every night!
  I have known many people who lived in different times that would converse with the moon.
  And I, an insignificant person, also converse with the moon.
  I finally realized
  “I am not the main character, but a supporting character. I am only a passerby!”
  Everyone is crazy!
  I am only a little crazy!(The End)
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