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Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon:The Crystal Heart and the Diamond Heart

By on 09/22/2017

by Sheng-yen Lu
  There is a song about “a lover’s heart is made of crystal.”
  This means, crystal is easily broken. One impact could smash it into little pieces flying off in all directions. There was once a man who walked into a glass door because he thought it wasn’t there.
  As a result:
  He lay on the floor covered with pieces of broken glass all over.
  We all know:
  If glass is cracked, there is no way to fix the crack. If glass is broken, it cannot be put back together. We all know we cannot repair “a broken mirror.”
  Crystal Heart:
  Represents the type of heart between a man and a woman – it cannot tolerate one speck of sand or the slightest shadow. It cannot tolerate the insertion of a third party.
  Love is almost like a tug of war. Both have dreams and desires, like bubbles that should not be burst.
  We recorded a lot of stories:
  They are all past histories.
  Yang Guifei
  Zhao Feiyan
  Wang Zhaojun
  Xi Shi
  Wu Zetian….
  We are just the recorder, and we will never be affected by the stories.
  In this ocean of lives, I found the “amazing” you. You and I, like everyone else, are also weaving a “beautiful dream.”
  I come from many past lives.
  You also come from many past lives.
  You said:
  “Lover’s heart is of crystal.” (Pointing at ordinary people’s)
  I said:
  “Lover’s heart is of diamond.” (Pointing at cultivator’s)
  Deep in our hearts we have thousands and thousands of years of affinities. This is how we have walked from the past.
  We are:
  “Of diamond hearts.”
  We’ve been through:
   Many births, many deaths, and infinite life cycles
   Since sudden enlightenment and realizing no birth
   What is there to worry or be happy
   And what is there to be insulted or honored by
  (This is still Xuan Jue’s poem.)
  Partners of cultivation know no “worries” or “happiness.” Therefore, we cultivate meditation. Succeeding in meditation begets a “diamond heart” which is also a steadfast mind.
  Write a poem for you:
   To what is of this human world, we always laugh
   No problem
   No mind
   Naturally there would be no suspicion and no skepticism
   Beautiful lovers’ hearts shift from solidarity
   Easy to wither
   Sometimes good
   Sometimes bad
   Soon become dust
   If emotions are a plane of clear mirror
   Lonely grieving souls will linger

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