Book 238 Intimate Talk with the Moon:Meditation Is Mindless Sitting

By on 09/29/2017

Eng Book 238by Sheng-yen Lu
  Someone told me:
  “In meditation, during the mindless stage, a feeling of strange quiet emptiness occurs. Then due to fear of extinguishment, I quickly exit meditation.”
  Someone else said:
  “During meditation, when reaching the state of cloudless blue sky, due to the fear of the vastness of space, I was unable to enter and decided to exit meditation.”
  Another person said:
  “During meditation, I felt darkness all around, like a huge black hole, and I was falling deeper and deeper into this bottomless hole. Due to fear, I felt the need to quickly exit meditation.”
  I told them:
  “Meditation is mindless sitting. If there are feelings of quiet emptiness, vastness of space, or falling into a black hole, then it is only the beginning or the initial level of meditation. In real meditation, you have blank feelings, no time, no space, nothing.”
  I then went on to say:
  “What is there to fear if meditation takes place in a quiet room? You feel afraid because you haven’t entered meditation!”
  Before meditation I would recite:
  “Reborn to the Pure Land. Transcend birth and suffering. Namo Amituofo.”
  If one is already dead, then there will be no worries.
  Then there will be no desires.
  Instantaneously! Instantaneously! A state of no knowing and no feelings.
  When I enter into meditation, it is infinitely peaceful. A state of mindlessness, with no trace of breeze, and no trace of light. There truly is nothing.
  This is meditation!
  I am thinking:
  Before, when I wanted to come out of deep meditation, I would ust come out of it. It could be done immediately.
  Now when I come out of meditation, this will happen:
  From my deep meditative state, a small dot appears that gradually turns into a remarkable celestial being. With one look at her face, I find it to be the face of the White-Robed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. She is you and you are her, there is no difference. As a result, I come out of meditation.
  It occurs to me that you, my lover’s image, has been deeply hidden in my eighth consciousness, “alaya.”
  Xing Duan’s poem:
   There is no birth or death,
   Can there be coming and going?
   Glacier burns,
   Iron tree blooms.
  I think:
  For you the glacier is burning. For you the iron tree is blooming.
  Write a poem for you:
   This human world
   Is a sentimental garden
   Your eyes
   Are celestial beings
   Under the dragon-flower tree, is the Maitreya dharma mat
   You are the amazing choice of Maitreya Bodhisattva
   Let’s realize Buddhahood
   Let’s realize Buddhahood
   “Maitreya’s Tusita Heaven” is not far

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