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Book 236 Stories of Supreme Spiritual Responses: Six Iron Nails

By on 05/26/2017

‧Sheng-yen Lu‧

Book Cover of Master Lu's Book 236: Book 236 Stories of Supreme Spiritual Responses(continued from pg A7 , TBN issue # 1161)
    Hence, she traveled with other fellow students to the Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple. She attended the fire offering ceremony, listened to the dharma teaching, and finally waited for her turn for Grand Master Lu’s mo-ding. The temple ground was packed with close to ten thousand people. She stood in the crowd, and when Grand Master Lu walked by, he only lightly tapped her head without saying anything. The mo-ding was over just like that.
    That night in her hotel, she had another dream.
    Grand Master Lu came and said to her, “I will help pull out the six iron nails.”
    As soon as he finished speaking, six little black men appeared above her head.
    Grand Master Lu ordered, “Why aren’t you leaving? What are you waiting for?”
    The six little black men said, “We know you are formidable. But, we can’t bear to leave this residence that has been ours for thirty years!”
    Grand Master became angry. His hands turned into blazing vajra claws. The six little black men immediately ran off swiftly in fear!
    When the woman awoke, her headache syndrome was completely cured. Her thirty-years of headaches and insomnia were swept away.
    This is a living testimony.
    I say:
    May merits from my hands
    Eradicate all illnesses and distresses
    Increase all fortunes
    Sow the seed of enlightenment
    Prevent disasters from emerging
    Bring harmony and great perfection
    And eliminate all evil black magic
(The End)

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