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真佛宗宗委會教育組 招聘啟事

By on 06/08/2012

‧軟件設計師 (Software designer)
‧數據庫專家 (Database specialist)
‧網絡專家 (Network designer)
‧動畫專家 (Animation designer)
True Buddha School Education Faculty Job Posting
The True Buddha School Education Faculty is now looking for individuals to help build an online learning system.  If you have the skills and talents and would like to help contribute to the future of the True Buddha School’s education, please email your resume to
All meetings will be held via the web and all work will be done remotely, therefore, no matter which country you currently reside in, it will not have any affect.  Also, fluency in Chinese is not a requirement.
We are currently looking for the following talented individuals:
‧Software designer
‧Database specialist
‧Network specialist
‧Animation specialist
‧Video recording specialist
‧Video editing specialist

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