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深深感謝宗委會及溫哥華華光功德會 與發心同門助尼泊爾賑災和蓮花獎學金

By on 07/03/2015

師尊,Happy Birthday!
  Sheng-yen Lu Foundation is deeply grateful to True Buddha Foundation and True Buddha School community worldwide for contributing Nepal earthquake fund. The Foundation is continuing to monitor Nepal condition as move from emergency relief to long term recovery. For those who have not yet donate, it is not too late. Join us as we support the country’s effort to rebuild and create more rezeal again and bright future. Again, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to True Buddha Foundation and all True Buddha disciples. For your immense support and your generosity will make a huge difference in the life of Nepal earthquake victims.
  Many many thanks to Master Lian-tzi and Lotus Light Charity Society continuously support of Sheng-yen Lu Foundation. The Foundation has newly launched Lotus Scholarship Program, helps immigrant and refugee youth with financial hardships go to college. Next year, we will be expanding the program to include scholarship for teachers and medical professionals who dedicates to serving the underprivileged. Thank you so much to Lotus Light Charity Society for helping to make quality health and education available to all.  謝謝大家。

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